THE S&P 500® Index beat Wall street managers 94% of the time.*

*Source: Standard & Poor’s (S&P 500® Index vs All Large-Cap Funds 20-yr period ending 12-31-2021)


You don't need to be a Wall Street expert to be a Wall Street Investor.

“The truth is, more wealth is created by owning the market than by trading the market. The wealthiest 10% of American households now own 89% of all U.S. stocks.*

The stock market, which has nearly doubled since March 2020 was the main source of wealth creation in America during the pandemic.

Although millions of new investors have come into the stock market, many of those new investors have more of a trading mentality — buying and selling stocks rapidly, in hopes of making quick gains. While the strategy can create big winners, others may see lower returns than those of investors who simply buy and hold for the long term.

*Source: CNBC Article: The wealthiest 10% of Americans own a record 89% of all U.S. stocks

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